Lourdes Daza-Gillman (born in Bolivia) is a Swedish crime fiction author. She has a background as an engineer, politician and artwork artist. Lourdes’ books are some of the most recent additions to a wide body of Nordic crime fiction.

Lourdes Daza-Gillman’s children books are a step aside from crime drama thrillers. After becoming grandma for the third time, when her daughter had a lovely little boy, Hugo, Lourdes decided to write a picture book series for rainbow children called: “Hugo's World”.

“Hugo's World” is a series of trilingual (Swedish, English and Spanish) picture books about a child's everyday life and his new discoveries together with his two mothers.

Each story features the magic of his world. Hugo’s surprises and curiosity in everyday happenings is as for any child of his age. The series highlights how any common day can be in his or any child’s life.

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